Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The NPR Emergency

No one can accuse the new House Republican majority of failing to take swift action to deal with the nation's budget crisis. Today they have scheduled an emergency meeting of the Rules Committee to attempt to eliminate all federal funding for National Public Radio. Clearly, the approximately $90 million that NPR receives from the federal government--amounting to nearly 30 cents for every American--is a major factor in keeping the federal budget from being balanced. After all, this wasteful spending on NPR is responsible for practically 0.00009% of the projected federal budget deficit this year!

Supposedly this action is being taken because an NPR fundraiser was caught in a private meeting expressing the opinion (or possibly repeating someone else's opinion) that Tea Party members are racists. This cannot be the real reason. Republicans have more respect for people's First Amendment rights than that. They are not so thin-skinned that they get all up in arms when somebody calls somebody else a racist. After all, when Glenn Beck called President Obama a racist (on television, no less), you didn't hear Republicans calling for Congressional hearings about that. No, it must be that Republicans are intent on making the tough decisions that will have a real impact on the federal budget. And if those decisions make it harder for Americans to find news and opinion on the radio, well, that is just the price we might have to pay.

Too bad we don't have Fred Rogers around to make the case for public broadcasting, as he did so eloquently in 1969.

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  1. IF PBS were all as innocent as Mr. Rogers I would have fewer problems with it. I just don't think taxpayers should support a TV station. All of PBS' popular shows are good enough to rake in advertising dollars.