Friday, March 18, 2011

Acting Together on Libya

Here is the President's statement today on Libya:

Those who are criticizing the President for not taking stronger military action sooner against the government of Libya (I hesitate even to dignify by mentioning the idiotic criticism that President Obama is somehow distracted by paying too much attention to the NCAA basketball tournament) should recognize what an achievement it is to get a resolution for military action against Libya passed by the UN Security Council, as well as to obtain the participation of other Arab nations.  They should also recognize how counter-productive, not to mention illegal, United States unilateral action would probably have turned out.  That might only strengthen Qaddafi's hand.

It is far better for the entire international community to be standing up for the rights of the people of Libya, rather than for the United States to be seen as declaring war on a much weaker country. It might also be helpful to remember that even George W. Bush took the trouble to at least ask and inform the UN Security Council and our NATO allies of planned military action against Afghanistan and Iraq, and to obtain partners in those actions. And he took plenty of time to do it. (while also spending plenty of time clearing brush on his ranch)  Bush took his time, and got help from other countries, even though, we were told, the governments of Iraq and Afghanistan represented threats to the security of the United States.  The government of Libya, on the other hand, is only threatening its own people. So Newt Gingrich, you should just shut up, stay out of the way, and leave these decisions to the grown-ups who know what they are doing.


  1. I don't necessarily disagree but the UN just provides political cover is all. Do we want to get pulled into a Libyan civil war? Absolutely not. But the "world community" never doesn't anything unless the US leads - which often means we take it on the chin later.

  2. Political cover, and legal cover also. We need a legal justification for attacking another country.

  3. I find the use of cruise missiles and nothing else to simply be expensive political rhetoric.