Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hope and Change in Football

Today we will see the Pittsburgh Steelers, named after the steelworkers, go up against the Green Bay Packers, named after the meatpackers, in the Super Bowl. In addition to honoring the working class with their names, both teams have reputations for being among the most liberal in the NFL, with the Steelers in the forefront of promoting minority advancement, as well as being relatively pro-union. And the Packers? As explained in the clip below, they are practically a Communist organization, the only non-profit, community-owned team in the NFL.

Is it a coincidence that these two teams are also among the most successful in the league on the field?

(Thanks to a couple of facebook friends for drawing my attention to this clip.)


  1. The Prez was great with O'Reilly. Dang, he is a likeable guy. I particularly enjoyed his comment that nearly everything that comes across his desk is a problem that others have not been able to solve. It reminds me of his difficult perspective. Good stuff!

  2. Obama is not the first president to say that. I believe Eisenhower told Kennedy that the President does not get to make any easy decisions; Clinton I think also said something very similar; and even George W. Bush saying he was the decider, was getting at the same idea.

  3. Yes, I reminded (and humbled) by the difficulty and of the responsibility of being President; for every one of our Presidents.