Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome Back, Jerry!

I pretty much hate all campaign commercials, but in honor of Jerry Brown's inauguration for his second stint as California's governor, I have to re-play this one, which I loved:

I guess it's back to the future in both New York, where I lived in the 1980's when there was also a Cuomo in the governor's mansion; and California, where I live now, during the second coming of Jerry Brown. Would I call that hope and change? Sure I would.


  1. Of course more or less thirty years ago, Peter Coyote the very successful actor who narrated this commercial was up north on a commune smoking dope and sharin' the luv'. You can look it up!

    I guess some things do change.... :)

  2. I can only hope that Brown, a career politician, becomes the strong leader we need. Meaning he unites the assembly in action. I don't think that is possible. Cali politicians are too busy career building to fix this state. My view, I would favor increased taxes in concert with decreased spending and renegotiation of defined pension benefits. Everybody pitches in.