Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chicago Style

There is nothing that says "I'm the boss" like hiring William Daley to be your chief of staff.  His father was the boss of Chicago for about a hundred years.  After a brief interregnum, his brother has been the boss of Chicago for about the past hundred years.  Daley will be filling the shoes of another Chicago tough guy, Rahm Emanuel, who hopes to become Chicago's next mayor.  Daley's got plenty of experience in Washington, having served both Clinton and Gore, and he knows the banking world also, coming from JP Morgan Chase.  Some of the usual suspects on the left might whine about having a fat cat banker running the White House.  I would tell them to quit whining.

Yes, I'm for hope and change, bi-partisanship, kumbaya, and all of the liberal legislation that Daley apparently opposed, but for chief of staff you want someone who is going to run the White House like a business, and you also want to let everyone on Capitol Hill know that you mean business.  Especially now that the House is controlled by the opposition, the White House just might have to throw its weight around a bit.  The name Daley should be enough to strike a little fear into the hearts of all the new legislators down the street.  They need to know, if they didn't know it already, that the president is not going to be so easy to push around.


  1. The pizza? I prefer thin crust margherita. The sports? I like the Chargers, Dodgers and Lakers. Da Chicago politics? I could pick at least two or tree better role models than the Chicago Political Machine (San Francisco is not one of them). Some people are almost as fatigued by Chicago's politics as others were by Texas politics in years past. It's does nothing to build good will with most of America but the choice is genius for Obama and re-election in 2012.

  2. I have to disagree strongly with you about the pizza, KP. Chicago style pizza is the best. New York is second. And California pizza a weak third place. And I know what I'm talking about, since I've lived in all three places.

    But you're right that this move, and some other staff moves, show that Obama is already way focused on getting re-elected.

  3. Of course he has to focus on getting re-elected. With the guys in the funny tri-cornered hats in the majority of the governorships, the House and the Supremes, and having a block on the Senate, the Executive is the only branch of government that presently acknowledges that we are living in the 21st Century. God save us all from people who pine for good times that never were!

  4. Good point, Adam, but what's your opinion on which city has the best pizza?

  5. Joe, I do thoroughly enjoy the Chicago and New York Pies. The reason I went for the thin crust and tomatoes is because I have to watch my figure!

    Adam, witty comment. Made me smile!