Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best Obama Blogs

In honor of the approaching second anniversary of this blog (closer to the third anniversary if you count the posts I did during the campaign on, I want to give a shout out to my fellow Obama bloggers, especially those who have been at it longer than I have, or who post more regularly than I do.  My idea was to do political commentary entirely supportive of the new administration, rather than traditional political criticism, in which the critic generally claims to know better than the people making the decisions.  As time went on, and the latter kind of criticism mounted from all sides, it seems the president needs friends and supporters more than ever, and that is why I'm still doing it.   Another thing that keeps me going is knowing a few others had similar ideas, and are also still plugging away.  Here's hoping that none of us get too discouraged, and that we keep at it until the next presidential campaign at least.  Here's also hoping that putting up this post will drive more people doing a Google search for "Best Obama Blogs" to find and read all of us.  Anyway, all of these Obama blogs and more are listed on the right hand column under the heading "Oblogas."  I don't really know any of these people, unless you count those who have become facebook friends, but consider them all to be kindred spirits.  Here is some more information:

Positively Barack has been going strong since almost the beginning of the Obama presidential campaign.  I like the title which reflects Obama's positive spirit.  It's a good source for information on all of the administration's activities.  The recently-revamped site also looks very professional, which is not surprising since Terry is a web designer.

Blacks4Barack is a lively and vital spot run by Greg Jones, that has been around for about three years.  Greg is a strong advocate for progressive causes, who also consistently urges support for the administration.   Lots of exclamation points on this site!  And polka dots!

This Week with Barack Obama has been faithfully reporting on the campaign's and now the president's activities since the middle of 2007.  The author has gotten a little more negative lately, reflecting some disappointment that projects like health insurance reform and economic recovery did not reach as far as a lot of progressives would have preferred.  That kind of criticism is combined with diligent reporting of the president's speeches and activities.  Linda also posts under the name icebergslim on Daily Kos.

Barack Oblogger has also been out for more than three years, calling herself "just a humble blogger burning the midnight oil in the hopes of getting our country back on track."  Lonnee is practically a neighbor of mine, but I don't believe we have ever met in person.

A blog that really has an interesting focus is Obama Foodarama which has a surprising amount of information about the President and the First Lady's food and health initiatives, garden, menus, and lots of other stuff related to food.  It has been publishing since the 2008 election.

Republicans for Obama is a cool website that gives one hope that such creatures actually do exist.  Sane moderate voices that support the president.

Hope and Change is an eccentric Obama apologist blog run by a cantankerous crank who still believes in the dying vision of a post-partisan America, yet continually undercuts that message with his own partisan biases.  Often drifts into irrelevancies and absurdities.  

The Obama Photo & Video Diary started less than a year ago, but has already become an indispensable site for me when I need to search for, guess what, photos, such as the cute picture above.  The commentary is getting good also.

And I don't want to leave out:
Blog about Obama
Obama Blog
44 Diaries
About Michelle Obama
Your Obama Update
Obama News
Michelle O. Style
Barack Obama Evolution

All these sites are worth following, as are others listed on the Oblagas column on the right side of this page, which I try to keep up to date. I hope all the links work.


  1. Gee, Joe, I'm saddened I was not included!

  2. Harrison, if I ever do a post on "Best Wingnut Blogs," you will definitely be included. And I say that with the greatest respect, since I actually think your site is really well done and fun to read.

  3. Huge thanks to all who spend time and creative skill to maintain blogs. What a treat you offer the rest of us.