Friday, August 20, 2010


Reporting live from Martha's Vineyard where the president and I both just happen to be visiting at the same time (just so people don't think I am following him around, I should mention that I think I've been coming to the Vineyard longer than he has):  What a shame the Obama family didn't--or couldn't--see the spectacular Oak Bluffs fireworks display my family saw this evening.  I'm guessing the security restrictions that would have been necessary to allow his family to attend such a huge open air event would have made the experience unpleasant for everyone.   It was all such a piece of Americana however, with the band playing Sousa marches, the huge crowd on the gigantic open lawn surrounded by Victorian houses, and the small town atmosphere, that I thought it was too bad they did not attend.

And what a shame for my family and our hosts that we missed seeing the president when he dropped in on a Vineyard Haven bookstore this afternoon.  This morning we were also conscious the First Family was visiting when we had breakfast at Katama Airfield (which happens to be a really popular place for breakfast) and noticed that almost all the private pilots were grounded.  This is a small island, and everyone seems to be aware that the President is here.

It might also be a shame that I brought my laptop with me on vacation.  I thought it would be a good idea to keep up these postings for my dozens of eager readers.  But it's August, and the media seems preoccupied with a lot of silly stuff (well maybe that's not too different from usual).  I'm thinking maybe cable news and the whole blogosphere should just take a vacation when there's not much of substance to talk about.  On the other hand, I see that the Israelis and Palestinians may be ready to resume direct negotiations again.  That could be important.  That could be another great achievement the Obama administration is not going to get much credit for.  But I don't have much to say about that right now, and I think I should just get back to my own vacation.

UPDATE 8/21:  Tonight our party which had expanded to 12 all ended up out to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Oak Bluffs, after which we told the four teenagers in the group to head out to the streets and have fun.  What a contrast to the First Family, which needs to organize a Secret Service detail to allow their daughters to try to have a semblance of a normal life in the same town.   Anyway, after we went out for ice cream and to hunt down our kids, lo and behold, my friend Adam spots Sasha and Malia across the street at the arcade, where we all eventually caught a glimpse of them.  I did not take pictures, which the Secret Service seemed to discourage. And I was even resistant to mentioning this event here.  As I tried to explain to my daughter, I am not running some kind of cheesy celebrity-spotting website.  I'd rather leave that sort of thing to the mainstream media.  But, all right, I'll admit it was cool to cross paths with the First Daughters.


  1. Hey Joe
    While you are out covering the story, don't forget to bring back another dozen coffees: cream, no sugar. Also, a copy of the Times, Globe and WSJ.

  2. Sounds wonderful Joe. Have a great Holiday!