Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heat Wave

Climate change deniers are sure to be pointing out that this summer's record temperatures don't prove the theory of man-made global warming.  And I would agree with them.  A few days or weeks of record heat don't tell you much about long term trends.   The only trouble is that earlier this year when some parts of the world experienced severe winter conditions, the deniers were quick to point out that those snowstorms proved that global warming was not occurring.  So let's be consistent.  Maybe we can all agree that today's weather report is not as relevant as long term trends.  Those trend lines are kind of scary, however.

In addition to not hearing much lately about how today's forecast disproves global warming, you also don't hear too much about those East Anglia emails that supposedly disproved the science of climate change.  Now that five independent investigations have concluded that nothing in those emails casts any doubt on the fundamental scientific conclusions behind the theory of man-made climate change, you would think some of the loudest voices attacking those scientists would retract some of their more inflammatory statements.  Instead, media critics have noticed that the reports exonerating the scientists have gotten a whole lot less play than the original stories reporting on the "scandal," and supposedly responsible media outlets continue to play this story as if there were some controversy about the science.   By next winter, we'll have forgotten about the heat, and  the climate skeptics will again be reassuring us that we have nothing to worry about.

(For scientific proof refuting the theory of man-made climate change, go here.)


  1. are you saying that you would prefer to go back to the temperatures of the little ice that shows up on your trend. It snowed in Boston in July in 1816!
    For me I would rather a climates like in Roman times (not shown on your graph) wear people in Italy worn tunics year round, Greenland was green and the Vikings sail to the new old, and they grew grapes in England.
    maybe I am crazy, but it seems they could grow food when it is warmer rather than when it is colder.
    And if humans cannot cap an oil well for 3 months, what makes you think we can change the average temperature of the entire planet?!

  2. Thanks for you comment, Anonymous, but let me make clear my policy on discussing climate change. I refuse to debate the issue of whether humans are causing the climate to change. For one reason, I am not qualified to address that issue. For another reason, I don't believe that question can be settled by argument or debate. The only thing I am willing to debate is whether the issue of whether humans are causing climate change is a question of science or not. If we can agree that it is science then it must be resolved by the process of scientific experiment. If we can't agree on that, then let's talk about why you think this is not science.