Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex and Politics

Sometimes I regret that I rarely have time to do real journalism on this site.  This week, for example, I shirked my duty to investigate Voyeur, the West Hollywood bondage-themed nightclub that has been in the news so much, after Voyeur was revealed to be a site where Republican Party funds were used to entertain contributors.  Someone really should be asking club management the important questions, such as whether the club has always been popular with Republicans, or whether all this publicity has been good for business, or what drinks do Republicans typically order.  Unfortunately, I did not have time for a personal visit, so these critical questions, which continue to be ignored by the mainstream media, may continue to go unanswered.

Do I think this story is important? No, but I heard that if you use the word "sex" in the title of your blog posts, you can drive some extra traffic to your site.

Actually, I think the whole scandal was probably a plot engineered by the Democrats to distract the public from the Obama administration's latest outrages.  For while the media has been consumed with concern about where the Republican Party wines and dines its contributors, the administration has quietly been formulating major changes in nuclear policy, concluding a major treaty with Russia, and about to announce a significant review of nuclear posture, for the first time making it clear that the United States will not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries in compliance with their treaty obligations, and that we will not develop new nuclear weapons.  The New York Times says Obama's new strategy represents "a sharp shift from those of his predecessors and seeks to revamp the nation’s nuclear posture for a new age in which rogue states and terrorist organizations are greater threats than traditional powers like Russia and China."

What all this means is that the public is free to continue its preoccupation with sex clubs, or whatever other kinds of entertainment strike people's fancy, because the danger of nuclear annihilation just receded a tiny bit further. 

(photo from Voyeur club website)

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