Friday, April 16, 2010

Goodwin Liu

Goodwin Liu, nominated for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, received his bachelor's degree from Stanford University, was a Rhodes Scholar, and obtained his law degree from Yale. He has clerked on the U.S. Supreme Court for Justice Ginsburg, worked at O'Melveny & Myers, served in the Department of Education, and been on the faculty of Boalt Hall School of Law since 2003.  In 2009, Professor Liu won the UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award.

Liu received the ABA's highest recommendation for appointment to the Court of Appeals.  His nomination is supported by Pepperdine Dean and Clinton prosecutor Kenneth Starr, Berkeley Professor and torture memo author John Yoo, and other conservative scholars, as well as a large array of law professors, education policy leaders, and others representing a range of ideological views.

Liu's confirmation hearing was postponed twice at the behest of Republican members of the Judiciary Committee, and finally took place on April 16.

Here he sets Senator Sessions straight on how to interpret the Constitution.  It should not be controversial at all to assert that the Constitution must be interpreted in a way that meets the challenges of every generation.  That is after all the way the drafters of the Constitution expected that it should be interpreted.  That does not mean that you ignore or misconstrue the text.  All it means is that you have to apply the words of an 18th Century document to circumstances that did not even exist in the 18th Century.

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