Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let them chew on carpets!

Garrison Keillor on the current occupant of the White House:
We have a good guy in the White House, a smart man of judicious temperament and profound ideals, a man with a sweet private life, a man of dignity and good humor, whose enemies, waving their hairy arms and legs, woofing, yelling absurdities, only make him look taller. Washington, being a company town, feasts on gossip, but I think the Democratic Party, skittish as it is, full of happy blather, somehow has brought forth a champion. This should please anyone who loves this country, and as for the others, let them chew on carpets and get what nourishment they can. End of sermonette.
(from Salon)   He goes on to talk about Minnesota's new baseball stadium, the Beatles' White Album, his favorite medical clinic, and stuff like that.

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