Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jim Bunning Gets Another 15 Minutes of Fame.

Tonight we salute Kentucky Senator and Hall of Famer Jim Bunning who held up an extension of unemployment benefits, insisting that it be balanced by cuts elsewhere in the federal budget.  Way to take a stand against wasteful government spending Jim!  Smart choice to come out against probably the most politically popular and non-controversial program you can find--helping the unemployed cope with the economic downturn.  You gave Democrats a chance to point out that you never insisted that the Iraq war be paid for, or the Bush tax cuts, or any other deficit spending run up during the Bush years.  But when we get to an extension of unemployment benefits, that was it.  That was the time to show everyone where we should draw the line.  Thanks for reminding us that it is the Republicans who periodically like to shut down the federal government to try to make some point or other.  Ask Newt Gingrich how that tactic worked out for him back in the 90's. 

If only you hadn't backed down so quickly.  I'm sure everyone would have loved to see Jim Bunning holding the Senate open all night to protect the unemployed from getting handouts from the government.  I'm sure that would have made just as exciting television as pitching a perfect game in 1964, something I'm sure you would rather be remembered for. 

My only complaint is that I am getting tired of doing posts on the dysfunctional United States Senate, and would like to find something else to write about, except that the Senate is so distracting.

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