Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Care End Game

The President takes ownership of the health care bill.  Time to take a vote and get it done! 


  1. "The rising cost of medicare and medicaid will sink our government deeper and deeper into debt."

    It sure will and sadly, Mr. President, ObamaCare will not reduce the deficit as you claim.

  2. The American public has already said "start over."

  3. I assume you are referring to public opinion polls, Harrison. But those polls have not been as consistently against health care reform as you might think. And one important thing that is not always taken into account is that a lot of the opposition to health care bill comes from the left, people who want to start over because they are in favor of a single-payer system like Medicare. Those people are counted in some polls as against health care reform even though they are against it because it doesn't go far enough. Nate Silver did an analysis of this issue a while back.