Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank you Peggy Noonan.

The President must be taking so much heat from the left that he is getting some support from an unexpected source. In Peggy Noonan's column a couple of days ago in the Wall Street Journal, she went to the trouble of interviewing some Obama staffers who are sticking by the boss, and know he is doing his best. She also talked to some former Reagan administration officials who were given a private tour of the White House by Michelle Obama. They were impressed that the Lincoln bedroom is no longer available for guests.

Peggy Noonan may not agree with the President all that much, but she seems at least to appreciate his incorruptibility, and his human qualities, and she seems to sympathize with the difficulties of his political position. It would be nice if more critics on both the left and the right could give the guy some benefit of the doubt.

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