Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why We Need to Support the President

As a follow-up to my post below, here is a scary video about the rise of Christian fundamentalist threats to the President veiled in the prophetic language of the Bible.

I agree with Frank Schaffer that the proper response to the sizable proportion of the population that seems to view the President as the Anti-Christ, is to make clear that the majority of the population rejects this view, supports the President, and wishes him well. People who are criticizing the Obama administration from the left also need to think carefully about how they frame these criticisms.  Everyone must be free to express their policy differences, but ad hominem attacks from the left or the right all have the potential of feeding hate. The hate is the thing that we need to defuse. I would echo Mr. Schaffer's call for moderate Christian church leaders to reject calls to violence, and to offer prayers for the President's well-being and safety. I would also like to see even the people who disagree with everything the Obama administration proposes on a policy level make clear that do not wish the President ill on a personal level.

If we do not stand up and make clear that we reject violence and that we support democracy and the rule of law above all else, then we would be betraying this country's most basic principles. We would be encouraging different factions to resort to violence to achieve their divergent aims.  That type of thinking must be confined to a fringe element. It cannot be allowed into the mainstream.  We need to call it what it is, which is treason.

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  1. I'm more afraid of the Leftists. This Christ stuff are just scare tactics.