Monday, October 19, 2009

Not another hoax!

It's just getting harder and harder to tell real news from news that is staged. Today the U.S. Chamber of Commerce retracted its previous position on global warming, and announced that it was supporting strong legislation to reduce carbon emissions. Wait a minute, did they actually do that? Reuters seemed to think so. But then some guy purporting to represent the actual U.S. Chamber of Commerce said the whole thing was a hoax. I think we need a six year old kid to tell us that it was all done for the show.

Interestingly, after all the public attention the last few weeks to the organization's position on climate change, including the defections of a number of prominent companies, it appears that their position may in fact be shifting somewhat. Perhaps continued repetition of the fake news announced today can make it real. Or as Andy Bichlbaum says at the end of the video below, all he was representing was the position that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce MUST take. Perhaps he is not a fraud but a prophet?

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