Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Talk to People

Although this video has already been widely circulated, I can't help posting it, because it is so charming. Here is our newest senator demonstrating how to treat people of opposing views with patience and respect. Who would have thought that a former comedian could give lessons to a lot of more experienced politicians about how to talk to people, and how to listen? Let's hope Senator Franken doesn't lose these qualities.

But if anyone doesn't think the video above is charming, they can't fail to be impressed with another of Al Franken's many talents:


  1. Jesus Christ, that's awesome!

  2. Good video, I hadn't seen this before. I too hope Franken retains this eloquence.

    But I can't help but believe you're being a bit selective when senior party democrats are calling the people who the Senator is speaking to nazis, shills, and "too well dressed" to be real.