Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cheers to Senator Kit Bond

While taking the opportunity to chide hypocritical Democrats for opposing Republican judicial appointments on ideological grounds, Senator Kit Bond puts the hypocrites in his own party to shame with his acknowledgment of Judge Sotomayor's sterling qualifications for the Supreme Court, as well as his acknowledgment that "elections have consequences."

I could try to start an argument about whether Republicans or Democrats have been worse in opposing judges they disagree with, but in keeping with the always-positive tone of this blog, I'll simply applaud Senator Bond's remarks today.

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  1. I'd say Bork and Thomas were two people who were not treated very well. In each case they were Republicans. Democrats also did not treat Gonzales well, either.

    Elections do have consequences and indeed Obama should put who he wants up but I think Democratic presidents stand a better chance of getting their Supreme Court pick approved than do Republicans.