Monday, June 29, 2009

Remember Iraq?

American troops are withdrawing from major cities in Iraq this week. Strangely, this story seems to be getting little attention. Has the death of Michael Jackson pushed other news to the wayside? Or is it that the attention of the United States is now so focused on places where it should be focused (e.g., Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan) that not only the American military, but also the American public, has already left the problems of Iraq to the Iraqis?

Of course what happens in Iraq will be and should be of continuing concern to this country. And the good and ill effects of our enormous and costly involvement in Iraq will of course be debated for decades, as our involvement in Vietnam is still being debated. It is too soon to tell how things will turn out in that troubled country. For now it is just interesting to note how Iraq has already faded in importance in media and public attention. That seems to present a contrast to situation in the 1970's where I recall we still paid a lot of attention to the fall of South Vietnam even after the US withdrawal.

(photos of Iraqis celebrating the US military withdrawal from Think Progress story)

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