Monday, June 15, 2009

It's not just about vote fraud.

What seems to be going on in Iran is not just about a possibly stolen election. This is not like Florida in 2000. It's not really even about who won the election, because the real power in Iran has never rested with the elected president. But this election seems to have exposed the nature of the regime in power, and seems to have provoked enough outrage in the streets of Tehran to make the leaders nervous.

What reveals the true nature of the regime in Iran is their need to limit the flow of information; to cut off internet access; to shut down cell phone service; to vandalize the universities; to suppress public demonstrations. These are the true indications of an illegitimate government--not whether a majority of the public voted for one presidential candidate or the other. Of course if vote fraud could be shown, that would also expose the illegitimacy of the government. But Iran has never been a true republic, and should stop pretending to be one, regardless of whether or not the majority of the country's citizens support its repressive and theocratic government.

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  1. These things you say, which are true, should have been known to everybody before this election.