Friday, May 8, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Joe

According to Time, even Joe the Plumber might be quitting the Republican party. As I discussed in a post written just before the election, Joe the Plumber was the perfect symbol for the Republican Party during the campaign. Having completely failed to convince most voters that the Republican record, or its plans, would benefit the average American, the McCain campaign latched onto one guy who was deluded enough to believe that Republican economic plans would make him better off than what the Democrats were proposing. McCain's argument was simple: maybe I can't make the case to you directly, but this guy is stupid enough to buy it, so you should listen to him! (My analysis of McCain's argument during the campaign against Obama's tax plan is here.)

Now, if even Joe the Plumber is no longer buying it, the Republican Party may be in real trouble trying to sell the working class on the idea that the Republican alternative would make people better off.

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